Wednesday, March 31, 2010

sometimes when it rains, it pours

if Winter and Spring were married, their divorce each year would be one of the most volatile break ups, weather-wise. nothing seems amicable. even personally, i find myself in a mixed state of mind during this time. to demonstrate the chaos, let me explain what has happened since the End of Winter/Start of Spring.
i managed to break my foot while at a wedding dance. the next day i received a speeding ticket on my way home.
later, the newspapers revealed that some executives at my company were being sued. guess it's time for spring cleaning...get all that dirt out...
the company then announced that they were to sell part of the business. of course, employees were not privileged enough to know where they would be working, let alone have an actual say in it either. that was until monday when i was told i would be staying 'with the company'.
the cherry on top is that the only co-worker from my department going with me is the one who suggested that i use ProActiv. yeah, in front of our entire office and my one zit! who does that??? (yes, i need to let this go but seriously!!!)
anyway, the wise ancient ones say to not dwell on anything-good or bad. so i'm trying to treat the change like it's benign.
you can't explain a winter snowstorm after a nearly 70 degree day nor can you prevent a tornado-hurricane-flood. sure you can head for the basement, build a sand bag wall, and board up your windows but the reality's going to run its course. even an umbrella isn't always prepared for the reality that sometimes it doesn't just pours.

Monday, March 29, 2010

stinky casts

ok. after 3 weeks or twenty one days of having my cast on, it was removed today. with a saw. he said that the blade seemed a bit dull but not to worry because it would stop regardless when it hit the cotton. hmmm...but i figured since my foot was already broken what harm could a saw do? yikes.
so anyway, he saws a giant slice down one side. then a shorter cut from my ankle towards my toes so it looked like an L. he had to go over it a few times and then repeated the same motions on the other side. next he took a pair of casting room pliers and pryed the two pieces apart. like clockwork he and his scissors cut  thru the cotton. there it was. my leg. it was nice to be reintroduced but boy was it hairy.  alarmingly hairy actually. i have never gone that long without shaving and there is a very good reason. see, a lot of people think that there are actual sasquatch in oregon. even i think there might be such creatures roaming the earth, but i do not want to be mistaken for one.
 i was prepared for insane hair growth over 21 days but must confess, i never thought about my foot odor.
  if i were totally immature, my expression would have gone something like this...OMG like that is totally disgusto and i like totally want to barf in my mouth. gross. like ick. 
hmmm, maybe that was what i actually said? probably not, but honestly don't know. it was soo gross that i could barely concentrate on anything else. kirk the casting guy was there again.  he saw me and said..."gee, i suddenly have the urge to dance" i started laughing. thanks kirk. glad i was that memorable. 
little did he know that his sarcasm was about to meet the smell of my foot. i even apologized. he said, it's just the nature of the beast. 
 how properly worded. 
see casts supposedly don't have to stink, but i have lived out the reality that they sometimes do. 
it's the nature of the cast beast i guess.

Saturday, March 27, 2010

5k love

thank you chris for making my logo come to life
have any of you ever organized a 5k? i'm in the process of doing so and am SUPER excited. that said, i want to make sure it is done right
the 5k will be held on August 7,2010 in loving memory of Caleb Elijah Stecker. (here)
a sweet baby boy who went to Heaven far too early. i never had the opportunity to meet him, but i think of him often. his little heart had a defect in the physical sense, but couldn't have been more pure or perfect otherwise.
you can read his life story here (here) 
i know many of you don't leave comments, but i would greatly appreciate any feedback, information, suggestions, or support. 
i am currently filling out a permit with the city since it sounds like we will need one to use any of the bike paths and have talked to a guy in regards to getting t-shirts ordered. a volunteer list still needs to be made along with  contacting some local businesses for their support. 
though this is the inaugural event, i would love for it to be something that continues on, year after year. 
i'm scared to fail. i'm nervous i won't get it all right...but if anything has been worth getting over my fears and putting my all into...this is it! this little boy's life and his family deserve it. 

Friday, March 26, 2010

chips and wasatch-alsa

a pic i took while at the WBC
while in park city, i visited the wasatch brewing company (  i had the raspberry wheat brew    it was super tasty. but boy did it wreak havoc on my stomach. it has been a process trying to learn which grains affect me and which seem more benign.
great beer is one of many reasons i moved to the pacific northwest. 
the thought of excluding any of it because it messes with my stomach feels like a cruel joke. luckily, oregon makes some fabulous wine....ha ha! 
it's not just the beer but the atmosphere of breweries is also appealing. admittedly the atmosphere of the WBC was slightly lacking. but while in salt lake, killing time before my flight, we went to  Squatters (  it was on a sunday so the city was dead. silly and ignorant me had visions of the place being vacant with one bartender and server, annoyed to see us.
how wrong was i? VERY!! this place was happening. what a beautiful building. artsy on the inside. old historic looking on the outside.
we sat near a corner fireplace and didn't even have to wait for a seat.
we took off our jackets, got settled in, and sorted thru the menu.
my goal was to not order the chips and salsa (sometimes vacation=justification)...but the minute my eyes spotted them, my brain registered how good they would taste and before you know it, dear waitress stopped by our table "what can i get you to drink?"
" 2 belgian white ales...and an order of chips and salsa" (are chips and salsa an actual drink?!) of course not!
my request had been heard by dear waitress, who was now gone with the wind. of course, i didn't run frantically searching for her so she could cancel my order. perhaps it was a freudian slip of sorts. was my body subliminally telling me what it needed wanted?
not sure about all of  you but every time i've ordered C&S at other restaurants, the bowl has been fairly small with a salsa dish to match. 
not this place. the bowl was GIANT. and they were GOOD. plus, a variety of salsas were offered. a variety i couldn't resist. 
and though i had a rough draft game plan, it went straight into the recycle bin as soon as the chips arrived. it is times like these when i wish i had been born with the appetite of a little bird.
little birdie appetite

i'm sure you all have that friend who can eat just a FEW. are you kidding me? i barely come up for air when eating. certainly these chips didn't stand a chance.
so there i was eating and drinking gluten. 
luckily my meal was very light and wonderful. i would highly recommend it. the blackened tilapia sandwich, sans the bread and have them put it on a bed of lettuce instead. i chose the tahini lime salad dressing (dear waitress--who was having a bad day, told me that this was her favorite) and it was fantastic!
by the time i waddled out of the establishment i vowed not to eat soo many chips next time...hmmm, that doesn't sound very realistic. NOT ordering them all together seems like the best solution. this may require having someone order for me so nothing slips out of my mouth.
while the grains weren't helping my stomach feel great, i couldn't  blame the gluten; this was sheer over indulgence
i walked a few city blocks of salt lake in search cream. (hey! cut me some slack, i was just 'searching' for it--plus i was on vacation. ha ha!)
apparently downtown SL was all out of ice cream, but there was a TCBY at the airport.
yep, you guessed it...that soft serve chocolate/vanilla twist didn't stand a chance.

Wednesday, March 24, 2010

product review

when i graduated high school in 1998 (yes, more than 10 years ago) my sister and her husband gave me an Orville Redenbacher Hot Air Popper. it is the Presto model. i found this image online but it seems like the newer label is brownish instead of green. let me tell you how many times i have used this thing. THOUSANDS. no joke! my family has always loved popcorn. growing up our grandpa would make huge batches of it on the stove. a tradition that was passed down to our family. most of the time it was a saturday night treat...we'd get the pan really hot, stick in some good ol' crisco, and let it melt. then the popcorn seeds were added. let it sit for a bit and then shook it up. eventually each kernel would escape from its cocoon and blossom into fluffy puffs of deliciousness. we used some popcorn salt and bada bing-perfection. but obviously that wasn't the healthiest of methods. so when i was given the Presto i fell in love! this was love at first pop. honestly, i've tried other poppers since and they just don't hold a candle to this brand. almost every kernel (if you follow instructions) gets popped and it doesn't make too much noise. (some poppers are crazy noisy) i never would  have survived college without Orville. many nights popcorn was my meal and occasionally my default post bar snack choice.
in the past i've used parmesan cheese, cajun seasoning, spray butter, garlic powder, lawry's seasoning, black pepper, and sea create different variations.
the longest i've ever gone without the popper is 6 months but that was only because i was in NZ and couldn't fit it into my bag.(though the trip was amazing...i experienced severe withdrawal)
honestly, it would be sitting on my mantle if i had one. 
so, if you are in the market for a hot air popper, i'd highly recommend mr. redenbacher's! 
p.s. although i use the redenbacher popper, i am extremely partial to Jolly Time's the BEST!!!!!! 


Saturday, March 20, 2010

cha-cha-cha chia couch

i work in a an office that has the lighting equivalency  of a cave. (a very dim one) this doesn't cause  much of a problem during winter months given that there is only gray and other variations of gray blanketing the sky. 
but when Spring rolls around and we see that first sign of hope from the sun, my eyes feel traumatized. not in a bad way; i'd liken it to running into a ghost. ha ha! i'm kidding.
every time this happens, i close my eyes and put my face towards the warmth like you would hold your hand out to a dog. you have to slowly reacquaint yourself to the elixir of the golden globe.
my co-workers and i talk about installing retractable roofs on buildings in when the sun appears we can all recharge our solar deficiencies while in our cages cubicles.  of course, what company would go for that? not mine.(although i know of a company in MN who gives their employees fridays off during the summer because they are inside soo much during the winter-i say kudos to that management team)
anyway, i also live in a small studio and don't have a yard to grow anything in. this makes me sad-i live in oregon! things grow year round here! when the weather is nice, i never want to go inside. but yet i do because that is where all of my stuff is. my bed, kitchen, shower, and there would be a couch if i didn't live in a shoebox. my tv is inside too. not that i watch it often, but i heart Netflix and some cheesy shows occasionally (hey, everyone needs a good mind numbing session from time to time)but when i stumbled across this image found in Readymade Magazine, it hit a heart string of mine. how awesome would it be to have a "chia couch" ok, that's not what it is called, but that's what i would call mine. oh no, should i trademark that? ha ha! this makes me crave a yard even more--so i can grow a couch!!!!!
can you envision curling up to watch a movie on that cushiony grass?  you could spill things and not worry about stains. and pet fur? not a problem. every now and then you would just trim it back down and wa-la, just like new. not to mention you wouldn't lose the remote in between cushions.
i realize there may be some down falls, like insects crawling on you or a dog mistaking the couch for a poop zone...a real bummer would be finding out you are allergic to grass. yikes! but all in all it seems WAY more eco friendly than buying a brand new one.
 i get that grass upkeep can be hard on the carbon footprint but not if you harvest rain and consider different grass types.i'm all for giving something a shot- worst case scenario, you have a wanna be couch lawn ornament in the backyard for your drunk friend to crash on. trust me, they will never know the difference. ha ha!
maybe some day i will have one. it will be fun to lay beneath the stars and wish upon the moon...thankful to not be in a traditional living room. 
(yeah, that rhymed)

Thursday, March 18, 2010

riding the range

being a volunteer is so rewarding. for the obvious reasons like helping others and your community but honestly, it really helps be a better person in general. admittedly, there are times when i have committed to something but felt really tired and wondered why i offered. the days where you want nothing more than to go home and curl up in bed. on this particular day i felt over committed and tired.
but this was a RUSH wish and means exactly how it sounds....time is limited.
know what's worse than not volunteering? volunteering and then not following thru.this is a pet peeve of mine... so...not going was NOT an option. D was counting on me.
when my wish partner and i arrived we learned  that little D and his parents were driving back from an appointment earlier that afternoon when their car broke down. fortunately they had just signed up for Triple A a week prior.D had never ridden in a tow truck before but they said he seemed to really enjoy it.
little D's condition was brain cancer. a form so rare his dr's said that they would only see one case like this in their lifetime. in other words, it would be like winning the lottery 4 times in a row...sadly, not a good lottery.
he was going into system failure. he couldn't communicate very well given that the disease had invaded his mind and body leaving little room for a 5 yr old boy to function normally.
his parents were young and soo polite, considerate, and grateful. i have to admit, this hasn't always been the case with parents during my time as a wish granter. as we sat on the floor to get information from D's mom, i overheard D and his dad talking. at one point his dad said, "i know buddy, you're going to be a cowboy when you grow up"
my heart ached.
when it came time to ask D what he wished for he said "to ride a horse" (aka be a cowboy for a day) i was soo excited and thought of things we could do. we were informed that the dr had given him a week (if that) to live so we would need to turn this around fast!
this was my first 'rush' wish and i couldn't seem to grasp how real the reality was that this little boy was dying. i thought to would i sleep at night if he was my child? i would be afraid to. but you can't live in fear, right? little D surely didn't. he was brave to the max! having undergone numerous surgeries and treatments all while he should have been pretending to be spiderman.
as we went to leave we said goodbye to little D. he started to wave his arms and seemed upset. we looked over at his parents for some insight as to what might be going on. they said this usually meant he wanted a hug. i didn't hesitate. i just bent over and gave that sweet boy a hug.
and then my wish partner did the same. our 2nd attempt at leaving went the same way. he was clearly upset. i hugged him again. his parents told us that he doesn't really do that and he must know we are good people. they told us that D had been emotional lately and that earlier in the tow truck, out of nowhere he lifted up his arms and said "i love you all". he told the tow truck driver that he loved him. you can't tell me that this little boy didn't know his time on earth was limited?
i told D that we needed to go so we could plan a very special day for him. we let his dad tell him the good news. when D found out he would get to wear a cowboy hat...he started crying. i've never seen a 5 year old show such mature emotion.
my wish partner and i stepped outside and walked down the sidewalk. as i approached my car, the tears started.
when i got in my car, the dam broke and i sobbed....and sobbed.
though i wasn't able to be at his wish party, the pictures said it all. he was a very sick boy who had his wish come true.
people have asked me how i do it (while i sit here frustrated that i can't do more) and my answer is always the can i not? i mean, if i ever personally knew a child that was in need of help...i would pray that there were people willing to do things like this. no one wants to see someone soo young and innocent be soo sick and fragile. but seeing how strong and courageous he FULL of love he was--makes me want to make sure i continue to do this. D wasn't just a wish child; he was the kind of kid i wish for someday...his spirit was strong. he had a sense of humor, and he was so grateful. even though he was tired and in pain, he still wanted to give me a hug! i feel soo blessed!
i wonder if he knows i think of him almost daily?
D sadly passed away about a week after his wish was granted.
when i told my dear friend this he said it best when he said "i hope he is riding the range up in heaven"
i hope so too!

Wednesday, March 17, 2010

bit o' blessing

I found this Irish blessng and it made me laugh!

May your feet never sweat,
your neighbor give you ne're a treat.
When flowers bloom, I hope you'll not sneeze,
and may you always have someone to sqeeze!

Happy St. Patrick's Day!!!

Saturday, March 13, 2010

vitamin 'b'ean

honestly, i planned on starting 30 off on the right foot; granted i wasn't much more specific in regards to my right foot but it would be safe to assume i hadn't envisioned it being fractured with a cast. but how many things go exactly as planned? my little brother and his wife had planned on having a baby the first time they tried but had the misfortune of miscarrying not once but twice. i felt helpless watching their hearts ache. while celebrating christmas 2008 there was a conversation about how hard it would be for her to try again because she couldn't take losing another while he was saying that they couldn't just give up. the only thing i could do was listen.  both perspectives were understandable. hard to know how i'd feel given i've never had to go thru something like that.

so, fast forward to the start of 09 when i receive a phone call. the call that goes a little something like "we're having a baby" total elation!! whenever a sibling has called me with the news i've been so thrilled. 
plus, this meant that a niece or nephew would be somewhat close, since my other nieces and nephews live far away (i miss them dearly)
another conversation i remember took place long before my brother and sister-in-law were married, or even engaged. it's the night they came up with the name of their future daughter.
time travel to many years later....and a few months after the initial pregnancy news when they called to reveal the sex of the baby. austin said the baby's name will be....p-a-u-s-e...  verbena sue
my smile was as wide as my face; i'd even managed to wear a pink shirt that day. coincidence? i think not!
as biz advanced thru her pregnancy, i would get to feel baby V kick from time to time and at the end, i could even see her move! the last time i saw verbena in the belly was when we went apple picking. she seemed to have fun because she was kicking and flippin' around. my sister in law's ribs at this point weren't having as much fun.
we were all ready to meet this sweet baby girl. (especially her mommy)
on pirate's day we finally met her. ahoy!
she was only two hours old when i first held her. such a long, lean, and precious bundle of joy. 
getting to be in the presence of such an innocent being is a true blessing; i'm not sure how a little soul can shine such  bright light but many of my gray days have been made brighter by the Bean. 
she doesn't know that i haven't started 30 off on the right foot, and she doesn't judge me for it. she just lives in the moment and demonstrates how we all once started out. she demonstrates that being a baby requires courage, trust, patience...and forgiveness...the same goes for being an adult.
she reminds me that even though i'm not where i thought i would be at this point in my life, it's one step at a time, even if those steps require crutches. and i will get she is proof that sometimes things don't go as planned...they go better than you could have ever imagined.

Friday, March 12, 2010


last night, i had an itch for the first time and it was awful.
mostly because my initial reaction was to...scratch it. of course forgetting that the Great Cast of China was vigilantly on guard. my access had been blocked. stranded on an island, options limited. no one to see my S.O.S.
to compound the annoyance, i am house sitting and don't know where there might be a rod, ruler, or chain saw.
chain saw? listen, i get SUPER claustrophobic. even in casting room b, the walls at one point seemed to move closer and closer. there was a small part of me that felt comforted by the new cast. my leg felt like it was getting a hug.
but affection can be awkward and who wants something or someone to hug you for two weeks straight?!
so the buzz of a chain saw, mixed with an elevated heart rate, called for some breath work and self talk.
it will pass, the itch isn't that bad...eee eee aaaah aaaah
when all else failed to calm me, i snuck under the covers hoping to smother the itch...
and in true 5 yr old fashion, i gave a shout out to the Itch Fairy and asked him/her if they could do me a big favor and sprinkle some anti itch powder down my cast while i was asleep.
this morning when i woke up, there was no itch and i found myself having a greater appreciation for my cast and its purpose.
sometimes the the thing that feels most constricting is that which is offering us the most protection/love/and support.

Thursday, March 11, 2010

'break' dance

1566 The Wedding Dance by Pieter Brueghel the Elder

can you believe this is a painting depicting a wedding dance back in 1566? aside from the attire (unless you are at a theme wedding) not much has changed. let's be honest. weddings can get chaotic.

granted things look really elegant.
tables are usually adorned with fabric and shiny utensils.
 a good meal is served

drinks are poured

and the cake is cut

the first dance
is like the olympic torch entering the signifies the start of the wedding dance...and
the dance is what it's all about, right?

the dj and live band take turns entertaining those in attendance. the music stretches across all genres.
the slow,the fast, and the fractured foot!?!

it was harmless. (sort of) people were cuttin' the rug and gettin' jiggy with it
i was probably looking a little like this

wishing i had her grace

and her face

 dancing in true emilee fashion...full of passion. (wow, i'm a rhymer today)
when out of the corner of my eye i saw --something--someone rather, approaching me--fast!...i had no time to get out of his way...and there i went, flying across the dance floor.
maybe nelly furtado is showing up for a reason... i'm like a bird? i wanna fly away? across a dance floor....
i was humiliated, but like a good miss america pageant contestant would do...i got right back up, acting like nothing had happened. the foot didn't feel great but the adrenaline was rushing taming the pain. i laughed it off...
everyone was trying to dust me off but i said i had it under control...
until i was pushed to the middle of a giant circle. you know the kind where everyone volunteers someone else. yeah, well, my volunteer skills were put to use and like a pro, i danced my heart away...for .5 seconds. i mistakenly put  weight on the foot...and there i landed...on the floor...again.
only this time when i got up...there was no adrenaline to hide the pain. and something definitely was not right.
i hobbled to the side and plopped down on the chair. the night was toast.
an ice pack quickly arrived...and so did the tears.
that's when someone ordered me a shot...which i later found out was a double.
i really should send a thank you!

Wednesday, March 10, 2010

casts are a blast

i was able to see my x-ray for the first time.
it was crazy. there was a very apparent fracture. but the dr. was nonchalant about it and said that as long as it wasn't in the joint things would be good. as in i won't need surgery. sigh of relief.
she said that it would likely be about 3 months before i would be able to run on it...which sounds like an eternity but i realize it could be much worse.
one option was to cast it for a couple weeks. the other, wear the air cast...which would allow me to shower and rotate my ankle. the freedom was appealing but i opted for the cast. i know myself. it was the smart move.
the appointment was pretty systematic. you come in...they diagnose you and then order your treatment plan. it felt like an orthopedic drive thru.
in casting room b, kirk the caster, didn't say a word to me the first 5 minutes. and i did the same. hospitals and dr's offices have such weird lighting. you either feel as though you are going to be interrogated or like you are on stage. casting room b had stage lighting, but i certainly did not feel like performing. luckily there was an audience of one and he didn't seem to notice i was there.
looking around the room a row of colors: green, orange, light blue, dark blue, purple, black caught my attention. it made me feel like i was a little kid again...getting to pick the color of my cast was something i never thought i'd have to do...especially when i made it past 18. but alas, there i was with options that looked an awful lot like a handful of skittles. obviously i went thru each one in my head....pretending that it was hard for me to decide, when it had really been love at first sight.
it was a deep blue, not navy. more indigo like. not sure what i would call it (a game i often play) maybe something like blueberry dusk (two things i heart mucho!)
eventually Sir-Cast-A-Lot asked me to place my foot on a metal rod like thing and started wrapping away. next was the wet casting material. there were scissors and smoothing out the material. at one point it seemed as though my chance to pick my cast color would be nonexistent.
that's when he read my mind, "so we haven't even talked about colors" my face lit up and blurted out, the dark blue one please. he grabbed a couple packages and started the finishing layer of deep blue.
watching the blue being spun around the cast, which had swallowed my calve, all to protect my foot, was oddly calming.
just wish my foot could have been soothed by the whole process but it was sad i could tell. it has never had to hibernate before.
we conversed about speeding tickets and how he came to be in the job he has. and then he asked the infamous question. "so how did you hurt your foot"

Tuesday, March 9, 2010

uncomfortable laugh

it's almost time to head to the doctor...again. last night i sat in urgent care for 3 hours. this is when 'you' know that 'i' know something is not right with my foot. by not right i mean small movments cause nausea, the swelling has not subsided, the skin looks taught, and people keep asking if you would like a wheelchair. thanks,but i'm ok....really?
the doctor eventually saw me and read me like i google search.
first, i looked up sprained ankle. nope...didn't fit any of the 3 types. so then i thought maybe it was a more extensive ligament issue. nope.
he twisted and turned my ankle. don't think it's your ankle (me either) he then started pressing downward squishing my foot between his hands like it was a bottle of toothpaste....before i could stop him he hit a spot that felt like a "pass out" button. i told him he had found the gold.
hmmm, well, a lot of people break bones down here, he remarks. phew...i was really worried i might be a lone statistic; ok, enough sarcasm. (hey i was in pain)
having never broken a bone...i didn't know what that felt like. my ACL tear felt horribly awful initially but the pain sort of subsided...although not comfortable, pain didn't shoot up my leg every step i took. which leads to the last google search...foot fracture. and there it was...a description of what i was feeling...actually it said, if you are experiencing these symptoms, you should see the doctor.
crap, it was a direct message---not a mutliple choice option...
so i went.
he requested x-rays. the x ray tech, kim, was a really nice. she said things like "good thing you have tiny feet" (which is hilarious given that people called me duck when i was in 4th grade...anyway) she also said that my toenails were painted a very nice color.
she accompanied me as i waddled back to the room, my foot felt very warm. it was annoyed.
when dr. buz came back in he said...well, you have a spiral fracture, aka the dancer fracture. i just started laughing because that's what i sometimes do when i'm uncomfortable. laugh.
sectionals which are this weekend.and upcoming half marathons came to mind. the $ i had put towards them...yikes!...but mostly i thought...ok, what do we do to make it better.
at 4:30 today i meet with an orthopedist to determine the best option.  
dr. buz said they usually cast but there are instances where they want to put pins in to stabilize the healing. pins and casts and an air boot...aren't i funny?

stay tuned for details.

Thursday, March 4, 2010

unexpected goodness

surely you've had one of those days where options are limited-the fridge doesn't hold the ideal contents to soothe the growling of your stomach. out of desperation, your eyes spot two items that would never be paired together on a menu-ever...but remember, you are desperate, and your inner mad scientist is hungry. time to experiment. 
 i clearly remember the day my aunt reached for two jars. one was filled with peanut butter, the other....pickles. my eyes had never seen such a thing. at first i was was new and different and certainly not the lunch i had anticipated.
she didn't force me to eat it...she just made a few and put them on the table. i eyed them as if they were criminals. then studied them like they were foreigners...looking for any similarities. at some point it occurred to me that they didn't look different than most sandwiches i had eaten.
my cousins gobbled them up.
as my mouth started to water my small paws sneakily reached for the first experience i ever had mixing peanut butter and pickles.
admittedly, it wasn't too bad.
granted, i liked both individually; sweet from the peanut butter mixed with the salty pickle...combining them seemed almost understandable.
whether i understood it or not, i managed to eat a few more.
during college, it was candy corn and peanut butter; spectacular. one word of caution if you are ever to try the heavenly duo--moderation. you shouldn't eat this at home, alone; be sure to slowly build your tolerance; the alternative is likely to give you an awful belly ache!
my newest discovery: sweet potato, mustard, and a little bit of hot sauce- yummy!

not sure if this will just be a phase or if it will stand the test of time. i'm the type who can eat the same meal over and over guessed it ---over. so, more than likely this one is now in my hard drive.

i hope to keep stumbling upon combos that make me unexpectedly happy! it  feels a wee bit the first time i wore a black shirt with a brown belt...and the time i slept on a picnic table in nz.
ah, yes...two more combos that proved to be liberating.
do you have a combo to share? i would love to hear it!