Monday, June 27, 2011

5k Love T-shirt Voting!!!!

a big shout out to April for being the only person who replied to my post about being excited to see the shirts. i have a feeling that because i am directing the event, i am far more excited than most...and equal parts nervous. every day when i check the registration site and see that no one else has signed up--i feel knots in my stomach.

i get that people will...but when it comes to making sure you have enough goodies for your participants, it helps to see #'s early on. 

anyway, if you have never commented on my blog before i am asking you from the bottom of my heart to vote for the t-shirt you like the best. even if you accidentally stumbled onto the blog. who doesn't like to vote? 

it's been a long time in the making and my dear friend chris has been very patient as i have requested many different designs. my favorite quote this year "but i thought we had already decided on the design" nope...not when your name is emilee s. brent, also known as, miss i need to feel it resonate within me when i look at it. there are plenty of standard-nothing to write home about event t-shirts. trust me, i have plenty. my goal is to make sure that when people are told they will get a free t, that they are stoked because it's the when i see people wearing their shirt to the gym or around town, it makes me soo happy to think that resources were not wasted. if there is going to be a t-shirt, it had better be good :) and it fact, we have 3. 

below are the 3 options- all you have to do is comment with the # you like. i of course love feedback although no extensive changes will be made. we can tweak something small but ultimately feel like 1 of these 3 will be the "one". wow, sounds like a quote from the bachelorette. ha ha, so...let's figure out what t shirt will get the final rose. 

happy voting  (and if you haven't registered for the 5k Love, what are you waiting for? it's going to be a blast!) CLICK HERE 




june 19th....

"Forgiving does not erase the bitter past. A healed memory is not a deleted memory. Instead, forgiving what we cannot forget creates a new way to remember. We change the memory of our past into a hope for our future" 
-Lewis B. Smedes

*sometimes father's day is hard for me...and i often debate even talking about it anymore...but every now and then i just have to admit to how i feel...and then move on.
i love this quote because it acknowledges that a healed memory is not always a deleted memory--and that we can change the way we remember--how empowering!?!?

it feels better to look toward the future and treat it like it's a blank canvas--- ready to be painted with everything that is hopeful. 

Sunday, June 26, 2011

epic relay photos

wtf (witness the fitness)

sam, gabe,kyle


put your hands in the air

annie running like the wind

paleo girl

gabe getting ready to rock it

pardon me, do you happen to have any EPIC poupon?

Wednesday, June 22, 2011

5k Love T-shirt reveal

who wants to see this year's t-shirt? hopefully everyone because i am super excited for its grand reveal...just waiting on one final stamp of approval...which means it may come down to me having you vote on the design--my trusted jury of 5 readers :) but for now i just need to know if you are excited to see it.

if so, reply to this post saying "show me the t-shirt"  ha ha! (sorry, just had a little jerry maguire moment)

Tuesday, June 21, 2011


a little friend i found on the sidewalk

it was one of those mornings...when i just didn't think i could do it it i mean, drive the same car to the same place, wear the same damn pants, do the same boring job...then i saw this little guy. i stopped in my tracks and was initially annoyed because he was out of the ordinary-not a part of my 'same ol' routine'--- then i felt immediately connected as i watched him spread out and then curl back up...which appeared incredibly monotonous and oddly relaxing. maybe i felt like he looked? doing the same thing over and over and not really getting anywhere remarkable?

but if you asked him, i have a feeling his reply would be very different. but this is what i do... as he was simply headed deadlines, road rage, or people to impress.... he wasn't stopping to complain or give someone the bird...he was just a peaceful passerby. it seemed to be that simple. i stopped for about 5 minutes just watching...and thinking...and being....and felt really good.

Friday, June 17, 2011

EPIC RELAY or bust

saw this t-shirt at regionals
today i am going to do something i've never done before. situations like this always make me nervous, but i'm going to do it anyway.a bunch of fellow eugene crossfit members and some friends of theirs will be partaking in the epic relay. a 12 person relay that will run from portland, or to eugene, or. there are several distance options...i chose the almost 18 mile leg. it won't be all at once. although i am still not sure if that will be a 'good' thing or not. i haven't run much--which is usual for me. i tend to only run a few long runs prior to any event i do...which is just ridiculous considering i have a specific time goal so i really need to take it more seriously, but alas, it is what it is. the thing about the relay's not just me. i have a team and while we all say we are just running it to have fun, it would be embarrassing if i did horrible...what if I am the reason the team gets slowed down? what if my calves get pissed off and don't want to work? oh yeah, what if i fall asleep when i am running at 3 am??? all in all, i think it will be fun. my mantra this weekend and ever since regionals has been "be epic" i mean...why not? this is the one freakin' life i have. i get that MY epic may not be someone else's and that is ok. in fact, that's great. i can never be someone else and i try to tell myself often, especially when i get down on myself for not being thinner, leaner, stronger, faster...or whatever negative babble is bubbling about in my brain, be the best you that you can be. that goes all around. be mindful of the energy i bring into anything i do or the relationships i have. if i can just be present today and during every leg of the run, i think it should be a guaranteed EPIC ADVENTURE. 

Thursday, June 16, 2011

i want a muscle up...

image found on web

He who would learn to fly one day must first learn to stand and walk and run and climb and dance; one cannot fly into flying.
Friedrich Nietzsche

over the weekend i attended the NW Crossfit Regionals competition and watched some AMAZING athletes bring an entirely different capacity to a workout than i even knew was possible. some of these women were lifting two times their body weight- multiple times and fast!

each person impressed me in their own way but of course, some looked like straight up professionals when it came to certain moves, like the muscle up for example. the female winner of this year's nw regionals-a woman named samantha,  flew through the air on gymnastics rings-looking more like a crossfitting pterodactyl. it was insane--ly beautiful. she didn't look like an olympic gymnast...this woman isn't short and fact she seemed tall compared to some other competitors and her stature seemed lankier than i would have forecasted. that said, she pulled the rings out to her side and then flew through the air, with a forceful but calculated kip sending her upward where she then crouched into a ball. from there she turned into a jack in the box and popped open and fully extended at the top. initially it looked completely out of control and at one point, some of us were concerned she might wipe out our top athlete who was in front of her. it made me realize that sometimes things appear to be "out of control" when really it is more like controlled chaos. she was completely open to being one with her body in space. it was fluid, intentional, explosive, and organic....all of the things that make me want one even more than i did before...
but i do think nietzsche is right, there are steps i have to learn first. i need to appreciate the task at hand no matter how big or how small-because when i finally get a muscle won't be because i muscled up into a muscle will be because i first learned all the progressions, stayed focused, practiced practiced practiced,had fun, and trusted myself...because i am capable which means it's time to stop "wanting" and start "getting"  

Tuesday, June 7, 2011

5k Love registration is LIVE

caleb elijah stecker

5 & 10k PARTICIPANT Registration

5 & 10 K Love DONATION link (100% of your donation will go towards the cause)

*Ok, so I have never set up online registration before but it's the easiest method and figured that we may as well go big or go home. Lisa at Race It  has been awesome and more than willing to help me learn the ropes. So...
if you are able to sign up, PLEASE do! If you aren't, please pass the link along anyway! 

I will be posting a Volunteer Registration link as well as a link where you can purchase t-shirts if you aren't able to attend and want to grab a souvenir of the 2nd Annual 5k Love (10k option too!) It's going to be tons of fun and I really do hope we have a great turnout! 

Thank you, soo very much, in advance! should be updated with the links and Caleb's story very shortly! i will be sure to keep you all posted

we are less than 60 days away!!!!

Wednesday, June 1, 2011

bumble bean

what book should bumble bean read?

look at me-i'm bumble bean

you all know how much i adore my nieces and nephews. they are such cool little souls, who are growing up way too fast!
my youngest niece verbena is quite the character-always has been and i hope always will be :) on Easter, she received this all too adorable bumble bee swimsuit that included a hat! bean went to california recently and like any other girl getting ready to go on vacation, had to try on the swimsuit prior to packing it to make sure everything fit :) doesn't she look  bee-autiful!