Friday, March 16, 2012

billy crystal drinks yogi tea

hmmm, i wonder what billy crystal did before the Oscars. 
appears as though he was buying yogi tea. 
although the photos could be creations of a Photoshop pro...they aren't. how do i know this??
well, it's no secret to me that billy c. drinks yogi tea; i've actually known this for years...since i've worked at YT for many years. we've sent him product before as he uses it during his stand up tours. he's even been known to give a shout to yogi at the end of the performance. thank you billy!
we have other celebrities that enjoy our product as well...but i don't have pictures to prove it ;)
maybe it seems like i'm name dropping. and while i am not trying to, i'll admit to reading the occasional OK magazine while checking out at the grocery store...sometimes E entertainment is on while i'm cooking...but most of the time it's just background noise. admittedly, i am more star struck by celebrities like chris spealler and annie thorisdottir (crossfitters) vs.  brad pitt and the Twighlight kids. but i'm probably just fooling myself. 
if i saw billy crystal on the street, i'd probably stop in my tracks and become nervous wondering what i should say--of course he is human just like all of us but still.. ...there is something about celebrity that spells, i can buy whatever i want--regardless of the there is still a bit of disbelief that of all the teas on the market, billy crystal chooses yogi.

it makes me proud--knowing that while my job may not always make me feel fulfilled or accomplished, the product we make and sell helps fulfill the lives of many--including  A-list actors and singers. who knew that a bag of tea, filled with effective and tasteful herbal concoctions, when steeped in hot water, could make such a difference in the lives of soo many individuals around the world? seriously, we just received a letter from a guy informing us that he used a yogi tea tag to propose to his now fiancee, on the top of a mountain. having yogi tea together is one of their favorite times of the day--which is why yogi was a big part of the proposal. isn't that awesome? we've also had people share stories about how their health has improved drastically since they started consuming YT, so drastically in fact, they were able to discontinue use of prescribed meds. stories like this are the same reason i love being a coach at the gym. life is soo much easier when we feel well--even for celebrities

and the oscar goes to....YOGI TEA