Thursday, February 25, 2010

mac vs pc?

ha ha! ok, the pc i am referring to is park city and i'm heading there this evening.

anyone who knows me- knows that i like to see new places and experience new things. i've always been intrigued by this little snow infused town. 

not sure that i will be riding down the mountain but i have a feeling there will be snow shoes, window shopping,delicious food, and great company.


Thursday, February 18, 2010


i want people to read my blog.

but i'm not sure that they actually do.

i know that a few friends and family members might...out of obligation...maybe?

so...while i believe blogging should be for's the interactive part that makes it cool. i see some blogs where complete strangers (like myself) leave comment after comment (one post had 50+ comments)
the topic: silly things kids say---i don't even have kids!
there was the other time i stumbled on a blog about health and barely managed to pull myself away before the sun came up...

the thing is, i like to write, but often fear i'm not good enough--and that just seems silly.
if i like to do it, i should.
the highway between my mind and the keyboard has been under construction for some time i often sit, just staring at a blank screen with ideas swarming like bees inside my mind. it's frustrating.

having something to write about weekly, if not daily, is the project i'm needing so that i have to do it...hopefully stopping the ebb...and starting the flow.

my dear friend sarah was kind enough to comment regarding possible projects or ideas...
and they were great suggestions. (thanks Sarah!)

and yet i still don't have a project.
i don't want to justify my lack of follow thru. the truth is, i let my fear of creating a blog that no one reads get in the way with my ultimate use a blog as an outlet for all the random emotions, images, thoughts, and stories i have...

it seems a bit selfish to write only if people read it and/or comment...
and fear seems like something i need to get over...heck, i'm 30 now...time to grow up! ha ha!

Saturday, February 13, 2010

dizzy dancing

“Moons and Junes and Ferris wheels
The dizzy dancing way you feel
As every fairy tale comes real
 I've looked at love that way.”-Joni Mitchell

Happy Valentine's Day!

Wednesday, February 10, 2010

30 things...

my family means the world to me
heading here with my mom in september-so excited!!!

although i'm a true novice, i like to think that one day my pictures won't reflect that

these are a new find...i love how classy and elegant yet playful they are

the world inside a snow globe...i love snow globes

it can't get much better than blueberries. truth be told, i love the frozen ones best

road trips and feet in the open air. yes!

boise. truly a great little spot to hang out.

baby beluga in the deep blue sea...isn't he just adorable. hands down a favorite creature of mine

south island, nz. this place has amazing energy

literally could eat an entire jar of almond butter in one sitting. no joke!

broccoli- how can people not like this stuff? it's delicious!!!

i am crazy about south paws-so i'm thinking i should visit this place and give everyone there a hug. ha!

a shout out to a city i hope to visit in 2010. austin, tx. yee haw!

i'm a nerd when it comes to plates. i will literally speed up or slow down if it means i get to see a plate i've never seen...

ran this in '06. need to run it again...injury free!

dusk is my absolute favorite time of the day...especially turquoise/denim washed skies...soo tranquil.
it rains a lot in oregon...and i like it!

i've always wanted to play the guitar...time to stop wanting and start doing

i adore black pugs...especially the one i get to house sit named Magoo. he and i are buds

turquoise-ish blue is a favorite color of mine...makes me happy.

my favorite number. i have always loved even #'s and it sort of is...3 groups of 3...sounds even to me. ha!

how romantic is this? yes i am a dreamer, but i can't possibly be the only one...i want to have a picnic here after an afternoon of snow shoeing
iceland. someday i'll get there.
ok, i HAVE to go here...would anyone like to join?

 baby weims are about as cute as they come...such beautiful blue eyes!

been a proud fan since i was in 5th grade!

i look forward to owning and wearing red boots.

i want christmas on a beach with a tree like this... and a fire pit

Tuesday, February 9, 2010

birthday cake

It's officially my 30th birthday.
I will post more details but for now...I'm talking about birthday cake....
Honestly, cake isn't something I covet. Although I do love shows like Cake Boss and the Food Network's cake design challenges. More than likely it's the creative aspect that entices me. Once, in college, using only sheet cakes and a knife, I created an elephant. No template or anything...just went for it. It turned out super cool. I dipped into the frosting like an artist would dip into paint...spreading it over my came to life.

But on my birthday...I do eat cake. Growing up it was usually angel food cake with ice cream. But I started working at Dairy Queen during high school; that's when my preference switched to the delicious num num yumminess of their ice cream cakes. Honestly, I LOVE them!
The great thing is, you can opt for the original/traditional vanilla ice cream with the crunchy fudge middle...or you can have a flavor created for you. I've had peanut butter cup, snicker, and mint oreo....
Hello! Is your mouth not watering? Mine sure is...and though my goal is to not over indulge...I won't hold my breath. I mean, this is my own personal Holiday ladies and gentlemen...and while I may have to be at had better believe I'm going back for seconds!