Tuesday, October 20, 2009

blind pilot

i went to an awesome show last night. this band randomly appeared during one of my i-tune safaris this summer. during the slow, hot days they were like air conditioning to my ears. when the paper announced they would be playing at one of my favorite venues, i vowed not to miss it.
taking a seat on the long pew like bench it became apparent that this band from portland had a local fan club. the opener, low anthem, out of rhode island really caught my attention and the mixed energy of song composition and instruments, plus the general spirit of the group was comforting. music like that is both uplifting and tragic…all based on reality. this damn house had such a nice story.
they left the stage and it seemed odd that they weren’t the main act…admittedly there have been times when the opener was annoying…like static noise… and i wondered how on planet earth they got signed up to tour with the band?
at any rate, this group was definitely not a 2nd class act.
during low anthem’s performance, the headliner mingled amongst the crowd. they stood in front of me. i could have gone up to said band members, maybe they would have taken a picture with me…or thought i was a dork.
eventually it was their time to own the stage. their presence was big. energy calm. talent-blessed. honestly, the lead singer’s voice is just pure honey…slowly trickles out of his mouth and crystalizes as it hits the microphone. like sound wave nectar. delectable.
sometimes lyrics are words jumbled together to fit with a top 40 style beat…and then there are lyrics that seem to be ripped from my journal. only they seem to make more sense when put to music.
did i mention there was a trumpet? i heart trumpets. how the bow crosses its strings made the bass seem more like the wing of a giant bird. at times fleeting, the bow would then return.
musical migration… tempos would bend and realign.
there was laughter as Lead Singer told a story and thanked everyone for coming…even on a monday.
i have come to the conclusion that generally speaking…a sign of a good show (for me) is when i can move my body to the beat, sing along for those chorus like parts…and when i can go inward; music is beautiful in that although you feel it...it's really touching you. the perfect shift of back and forth.

thank you blind pilot, for your reciprocation.

Thursday, October 8, 2009

baby girls and pirate diapers

the day was here. Baby V would finally arrive. 9.19.09
the plan was to induce labor and so they did. contractions were felt but the monitors reflected that Bean’s heart rate was dropping drastically during them. the delivery room became more like a board room, nurses busy talking to Baby V with encouraging words (there were hints of concern), the dr’s conversed back and forth, what would be the next step…and the parents to be became their own advocates. they wanted what was best for baby V and ultimately mommy b.
the next text read “c-section in 30 minutes”
i stood in eugene, listening to the rain, feeling overcome with emotion; my little brother was going to be a dad.
when we were finally able to meet V she was nestled next to her mommy. swaddled and sporting a hat with stripes of cotton candy pink and blue. all the sudden the fruit of 9 plus months blossomed into this being…all the time spent wondering what she would look like, would she have hair? no hair? dark hair? would it eventually turn curly? Skinny fingers and a dimpled chin? she had been real before but now i was able to stare at her and discover the answers myself…i swear she changed every millisecond…
she had dainty ears, a round head covered with dark hair, and lips that looked like a miniature pink sofa. when we went to change her diaper little wrinkles were exposed on her hands and feet…like love notes she scribbled while in the womb. and her legs…just kept going. she was 22” of pure sweetness.
not sure if baby v realized that her birthday happened to be pirate’s day but when i held her hours after being born she would slowly open only one eye…taking sneak peeks at this big and crazy world…not to mention the crazy grandma/grandpa, aunt/uncle paparazzi…but it was hilarious…if i didn’t know better i would have thought she was pretending to be a pirate. she definitely has some of her daddy’s sense of humor…aunt Emilee loves it!
and to boot, the proud parents had purchased reusable diapers (to use in the future) one of which has a pirate print on it…baby girls and pirate diapers! melt my heart!
as i held Verbena, it felt like i had been plugged into an outlet and was being recharged with love! love! love! getting to hold my baby niece was nothing short of a gift...it was so great being there on her "birth" day...and i feel blessed to be her aunt.